Welcome to the other mighty wing of Wonderbird
— Catherine Adam Photography.


Wonderbird does not fly alone, she has a creative sister, a second mighty wing — Catherine Adam Photography — who spends many passionate hours focusing on her personal photographic projects.
Have a look at my personal projects below and pop on over to the shop to peruse my photographic prints and products for sale.


Simply Being

Early 2015, my husband Terence, Adie (beloved dog), and myself moved our lives away from Wellington city to live as the sole permanent residents on a remote and wild, boat-access-only, off-the-grid peninsula on the west coast of New Zealand's North Island.




UPPER CASE, lower case

A photographic exploration into an industry-turned-craft. Letterpress: A mechanical impression-based printing technique from a bygone era that utilises raised metal and wooden type to imprint words on a page.


Chant & Be Happy

A year long documentary project exploring what it means to be a Hare Krishna. This project focused on two Krishna devotee communities in Wellington, New Zealand.